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Chiranjit Mukherjee, Doctoral Researcher

M. Sc. (Botany), University of Calcutta
Project: Regulation of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid biosynthesis in hairy roots of Daucus carota.
Awards: Qualified in GATE 2008; Qualified in CSIR-UGC NET (Lectureship)

Anish Kundu, Doctoral Researcher

M. Sc. (Biotechnology), The University of Burdwan
Project: Biosynthesis of fragrant methoxybenzaldehyde in roots organs of Hemidesmus indicus
Awards: Qualified in GATE 2009

Tanmay Samanta, Doctoral Researcher (Jointly with Prof. B. C. Ghosh, Tea Engg. Res. Center, AgFE Department)

M. Sc. (Biochemistry), Vidyasagar University, Midnapore (West Bengal)
Project: Regulation of polyphenols and monoterpene volatiles biosynthesis in Camellia sinenses Darjeeling clones adapted in tropical climate.

Awards: Qualified in GATE 2009

Utkarsh Moon, Junior Research Fellow (UGC-individual)

M. Sc. (Biotechnology), RTM Nagpur University
Project: Molecular biology of xanthone biosynthesis in in vitro cultures of Canscora decussata.

Awards: Qualified in GATE 2009; Qualified in CSIR-UGC NET (JRF)

Mahesh Kumar, Postgraduate Researcher

M. Sc. (Biochemistry), Patna University
Project: Isolation and separation of carotene compounds from pericarp tissue of Araca catechu.
Awards: Qualified in GATE 2009

Mayuri Gupta, Postgraduate Researcher

B. Tech (Biotechnology), U. P. Technical University
Project: Development of TLC based separation technique for xanthones and flavonoids in Canscora decussata.

Awards: Qualified in GATE 2009

Sasanka Mitra, Job Assistant – II

B. A (Social Science), University of Calcutta

Project: Maintenance of lab equipments, stores and project accounts 

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